Cambridge Historical Society

Cambridge, MA – The Cambridge Historical Society and the New England Folk Music Archives announce an evening of conversation and music at the Cambridge Historical Society, November 21, 2013.

At 6:00pm, a lively conversation between former WUMB program director Brian Quinn and Lorraine and Bennett Hammond will discuss and explore the rich history of folk music around the greater Boston area. This conversation will be recorded and deposited into The New England Folk Music Archives’ growing oral history collection.

Following the conversation, Lorraine and Bennett will perform traditional and original compositions on guitar, dulcimer, and harp, drawing on a long folk tradition.

The Cambridge Historical Society

Venue Address:  Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Venue Web Site:

Cambridge Historical Society Phone: (617) 547-4252


WUMB Winter Weekend

The second WW will be bigger! and better! than ever. Held deep in the woods at Grontonwood Camp in Groton MA, WW features classes, workshops, concerts and fire-light jam sessions, and always in our own easily and inclusive SAMW way. Bring your snurf board, too: there’s a little hill we can slide on in the snow. Staff TBA, but here’s a hint: Lorraine will be there!


L&B at el Tremedal with Dean Stevens

Fiends for the Bean o’ Caffeine! That’s the theme for this fun-filled concert evening in Watertown.  Naturally we’ll also look at politics and religion; science and spirituality; wisdom and folly; and the art of laughing and crying at the same time.

There will be a festive spread of  delicious and entertaining holiday fare from Central America before the show, and very repeat very good coffee, of course.

December 14,  8 p.m., at 35 Church St., Watertown, MA, for El Tremedal Coffeehouse.

Banjo Camp North, Fall Edition! Charlton MA

Lorraine and I will joyfully head back to Banjo Camp at Prindle Pond Centre in Charlton, MA. She runs the beginner track, and I help out here and there with guerilla banjo workshops, guitar tutoring ‘n’ stuff.  It’s the most fun there is. Tell ’em “Bennett sent me” and I get 50 bucks!

Banjo Camp!

Wall-to-wall banjos of every description, new and old; great players and teachers; fun workshops and demonstrations; astonishing faculty concert; lots o’ jamming; Natural setting; good food and plenty of it; yup, it’s a real good time!

Check it out at


 New England Folk Festival, at Mansfield (MA) High School.  Lotsa beautiful young people in colorful dance costumes,  and plenty of beautiful formerly young people picking and singing together. Great food and thoroughly world-class arts-and-crafts. All musical presenters perform for love alone.  Lorraine and I will be there Saturday for workshops and a concert spot,  and we’ll hang out all day in the old-time jam  under the tree near the hot-dog truck.