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The Opal RingThe Opal Ring

by Lorraine Lee Hammond Real folk-music: old ballads and contemporary songs, with expert accompaniment on acoustic instruments.

Lorraine Lee Hammond opens her latest CD with some of the sweetest notes ever produced on the mountain dulcimer.  She exits 10 songs later singing “love comes full circle in this ring.”

The 11 songs on “The Opal Ring,” on the Snowy Egret Music label, represent a deliciously melodious memoir. Hammond, a multi-instrumentalist acclaimed as one of the nation’s finest dulcimer players, and no stranger to coffeehouse stages in The Sun Chronicle region, returns to her earliest musical roots around Sharon Mountain in Connecticut, in the overlooked northern section of the otherwise musically celebrated Appalachians. Buy from CD Baby »

One of the town characters of her girlhood in West Cornwall, Conn., was an eccentric fiddler with a taste for wine. She pays tribute to him in the opening cut, “Comfort Starr,” blending
 a story of children taking a forbidden peek into a hermit’s tarpaper shack with a refrain toasting his skills: “Ragtime Annie, Hole in the Wall, Bach and Rachmaninoff, he played ’em all.”

Another was Oscar Degreenia, a man who was
 at once illiterate and a trove of ancient ballads. Hammond, accompanied on most cuts by her guitar virtuoso husband Bennett, “covers” DeGreenia’s versions of “Back of Yonder Mountain,” “Andrew Bataan,” “House Carpenter,” “Mary on the Wild Moor” and “Young But Daily Growing.”

These are intermingled with songs written by Hammond, who has lived in Brookline for many years, about her childhood and related memories. “Heart for a Song,” about the Cornwall, Conn., Grange hall, would make a fitting theme song for any country or contra dance gathering. “Highway Crew” remembers her father’s long nights driving a plow truck, the snow representing “pennies from heaven” as a chance to bring
 in some hard-earned extra money. “The Old Road” is
 a reverie from a trip down the Jersey Pike — “give me the old road,” she sings, “I want to slow down.”

Opal Ring review

“My Mother’s Opal Ring,” about a ring inherited from her mother, pulls it all together under a heartfelt bow.

I’ll confess to a favorite of the 11 songs. “Pretty Betty Martin,” is listed as “traditional.” I’ve heard folk musicians of all stripes and from both ends of the Appalachians perform this in all sorts of ways and with varied lyrics.  Something about this song makes it cliche-proof. And Hammond plays it straight, with no adornment save a simple dulcimer and guitar accompaniment. The purity of it underlines “The Opal Ring’s” unifying theme: a celebration of simpler musical times, and the longing to return to them.

~ MARK FLANAGAN is opinion pages editor of The Sun Chronicle.

Cape and Islands WaysCape and Islands Ways

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RockafolkyThe RockaFolky Banjo Tapes

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Lorraine’s Chamber Folk orchestral portrait of Colonial Brookline. Mostly instrumental tunes based in the popular dance music of the day, it includes the Ballad Of Mistress Hibbbins, a local property owner too clever to suit her neighbors, who was the first person in Massachusetts to be hanged for a witch. Ordering info below »

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An Exhultation of DulcimersAn Exultation of Dulcimers

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