Lorraine and Bennett Performing at WAMW

Lorraine and Bennett Performing at WAMW

March 1, 2023
Brookline, Massachusetts
Dear Music Tribe –
We have just returned home from teaching at the WUMB Winter Acoustic Music Weekend in the stunningly beautiful winter woods of Groton, Massachusetts. Also stunningly cold, with single digit morning temperatures warming up to somewhere below freezing as each day unfolded! It was a weekend filled with the energy that only music making in real time with real people generates. But we have learned to savor Zoom sessions too through the pandemic years. The Daily Antidote of Song, “Making each day better, one song at a time!” started at the beginning of the pandemic, with participants joining from around the world. We were September guests, and we look forward to being guests again in May. And we came to love doing our monthly jam sessions online as we finally started to relax into the constraints of “do-it-yourself” tech.
We count our blessings even as we grieve for the loss of so many friends who have passed on recently. How lucky we were to have had David Surette and Dick Pleasants and Jeremy Seeger and Charles Williams and so many others to learn from and to love.
Time to run through some music for our next gig. Join us at the Friday Folk Coffeehouse on March 17 in Dedham, Massachusetts if you can. Join us at Mandolin Camp North in April and Banjo Camp North in May and all the other great music sessions we will be part of in 2023. Keep an eye on our listings here.
Wishing you all good things,
Lorraine and Bennett

#SongsofComfort Music helps, and we continue to find real comfort in playing together at home, and will continue to share that music with you. This set includes

  1. “Bunch of Rushes”, traditional
  2. My song honoring the late Rev. Walter Donald Kring: “Celadon Song”, © 1997, Lorraine Lee Hammond, Snowy Egret Music, BMI
  3. The Turlough O’Carolan tune, “Planxty Fanny Poer”

Bunch of Rushes Set, Lorraine and Bennett Hammond #Songsofcomfort

Lorraine and Bennett play in perfect complement; they blend their instruments and create a beautiful new voice for songs and tunes that range in style from classical music through Celtic, blues and contemporary. They sing both traditional and original songs, reflecting a variety of influences from American and European traditions. Their interpretation of traditional music attests to their ability to hear fresh sounds in old songs.
Lorraine Hammond is an exceptional Appalachian dulcimer player, who after decades of concerts, workshops, teaching and recording can take much of the credit for the instrument’s current popularity. In addition, she plays folk harp, mandolin and five-string banjo.
Bennett Hammond is a superb finger-style guitarist who claims inspiration from the three B’s: Bach, Buddy Holly and Bo Diddley. He, along with Lorraine, produce some of the finest acoustic music around. Together, they are simply magical.