Bunch of Rushes Set, Lorraine and Bennett Hammond #Songsofcomfort

Our version of the late Jean Ritchie’s traditional Kentucky song, and is a fine old song of comfort for sure. We’re singing this one for our friend Dick Pleasants - kind of an “audio hug” until we can join him for a real one again.

A melody of comfort and delight. ‘Tis a gift to be simple, ’tis a gift to be free. Lorraine and Bennett Hammond play Appalachian dulcimer and guitar.

Music helps, and Bennett and I find comfort in playing this tune. It was one of the first we played together, back in the 1980s just after I had written it. Appalachian dulcimer and guitar, music from home.

Appalachian dulcimer, made by James Edward Thomas, United States (Bath, Kentucky), 1913

Lorraine Hammond on mountain dulcimer and lead vocal, Bennett Hammond on guitar and harmony vocal, and Martin Grosswendt on mandolin, performing on 4/17/10 at the faculty concert at Mandolin Camp North in Ocean Park, Maine. Video by Marcia Goodman

Bennett Hammond Plays Vivaldi

Bennett Hammond Recorded on May 14, 2011.

Lorraine Hammond on banjo and lead vocals, accompanied by Bennett Hammond on guitar and harmony vocals, performing on 5/14/10 at the faculty concert at Banjo Camp North in Groton, MA. Video by Marcia Goodman.

Lorraine Hammond performing on the mountain dulcimer at the faculty concert at Mandolin Camp North on 4/17/10, accompanied by Dave Howard on guitar. Video by Marcia Goodman.